WOODSTOCK TIMES | April 11, 2013

Second Generation Artist

Paulette Esrig, who’ll be filling the Woodstock Artists Association and Museum’s solo room with her iconoclastic ceramic sculptures starting with a host of WAAM receptions, this Saturday afternoon, April 13, is a second-generation artist. Her mother, Lily Ente, was a fiery sculptor who was one of the top new women artist pioneers of the last century. Esrig has spent as much time championing her mother’s legacy and restored studio and gallery space on the western fringes of Tinker Street here in Woodstock as she’s concentrated on her own art.

A teacher of art in New York’s public schools for years, Esrig took to ceramics early on. She’s been close with others in the area working the same medium, from Stella Chasteen and Grace Wapner to Mary Frank and Joy Brown. Yet her new work has a different depth than what she’s shown in the past. Her decade-long battle for better health is one reason…

– Paul Smart