Statement from Abstract Evocative Exhibition | WAAM

“These sculptures are an extension of my previous work where I explored movement and dance using a play of light and shadow. I titled these stoneware works “Red” as they were created in a series. I used one of the most ancient colorants, Terra Sigellata, that can be red. As I move along this journey I find myself abstracting my forms more and more. I work intuitively with no set plan, adding, cutting and carving my shapes until I feel the work is complete. – Paulette Deborah Esrig

Juror’s Statement:

These sculptures worked on me right away. My brain’s natural desire to categorize them as this or that, my lifetime of seeing things “as” this or that hit up against a red brick wall with these beautiful forms. They hinted at the human body, maybe in motion, but never ever gave themselves over completely to that interpretation, leaving open the possibility of myriad other interpretations, including those that exist with no figurative reference at all: emotions.