GARDEN SHOW | June 22, 2013


Fify-one years ago, with snipped stalks, bartered cuttings, seeds brought by the wind or planted by hands much older than theirs, a garden worked by Lily Ente, an artist and her husband Lazar, was born. A huge catalpa tree provided shade for aspiring sculpture students; old timbers, a studio, a refurbished barn, a home, the chicken coop, a guest room. Today the offspring of these plants still reside, including the ever-divided Hostas of different shapes and hues. Added are perennials, bushes, blue stone paths, a new studio and barn house and a pool surrounded by blue stones. A new container garden of herbs and flowers brings scent and color. A weeping Japanese cherry tree sits amidst black and white polished river stones with shaped rocks sitting quietly in its midst. All cared for by Paulette Esrig, a sculptor, her husband Bernard, daughter and son-in-law of Lily and Lazar with Peggy Fusco. Shyly buried beneath the foliage, exposed by an occasional breeze are sculptures of metal, clay and stone made by Lily, Paulette and others. Some begin to emerge boldly as fall recedes and winter begins. Clay art and delicate plants migrate indoors. Lacy outlines of branches show off; the tiny rock mountains are afloat in a snowy sea. A new garden is born.